PHD - REALM OF THE DAMNED - BALAUR - 500 piece puzzle

£16.99 £15.95

500 pieces
Weight: 490g
Jigsaw size: 48cm x 34cm
Box size: 31cm x 22cm x 5cm

During his relatively short existence as a vampire, Balaur was a pure sociopath, a sensualist devoted only to satisfying his own whims. All he ever wanted was to destroy the world, for no other reason than to hear its inhabitants scream. He is chaos, bloodlust and destruction incarnate, an (un)living reminder that life cannot be tamed and that control over the world is nothing but a comforting fantasy. As the scholars of his day put it: “He is the Dragon – the fire that knows nothing except how to burn.” The artwork is now available as a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle printed on high quality board.