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Wilde Sternherzen - AURORA EINHORN - Strandtuch


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Wild Star Hearts Beach / Sports Towel


Oblong towel 27” x 56 ” approx – weight 280g approx.

The use of high-quality materials makes our sports towels also highly durable. They show high resistance to intensive use and repeated washing. So they are the perfect training companions. They are also great for everyday use. Just like the quick-drying beach towels available in our offer, which can be used not only at the seaside, but also at home or at the swimming pool. These are extremely absorbent models that are comfortable and light, and when folded, they do not take up much space. So you can easily put them in a bag or backpack. Their durability and resistance to abrasion also deserve emphasis. What's more, they retain their softness for a long time. In our assortment you will find mainly large beach towels (70 x140 cms), which you can dip into after bathing.

Microfibre Qualities:

  • ·       Super absorbent.
  • ·       Extremely light.
  • ·       Fast air drying.
  • ·       Wash up to 30 degrees.
  • ·       Air dry only.
  • ·       Microfibre has a looped pile surface & is directional, if brushed in the opposite direction small flecks of the white surface will peek through, this is minimal at best and expected of knitted towelling textiles
  • .       White on the reverse