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Summer Goth Guide

Summer Goth Guide - Wild Star Hearts

June 11, 2021

So, summer is upon us! For some this is the best time of the year, but for us Gothic folk, well, times can be a little challenging. So we are here to help! Here you can find some of the best tips, tricks and even product ideas to help you make the best of this summer.

1. Buy a parasol or umbrella.

    An absolute must in summer is a parasol, they are not only very Victorian but can be found in a variety of styles to fit any outfit!


2. Waterproof Makeup

     Summer means, pool parties, the beach and sweating, all of which can wreck havoc with that cat eye you spent hours on this morning. So waterproof it up! Waterproof and SPF makeup is the best thing for summer in order to protect your skin and keep looking fabulous all day.


3. Loose and flowing

    If you are wearing all black, and lets be honest, we probably are, the best kind of clothing is loose and flowing. We sell some examples here:

4. Swimwear

     Take a tip from Wednesday and get yourself a gothic swimsuit. You can even get a statement covering to go with it:

5. Finally, if it becomes too much, stay inside!

     Keep an eye on the blog and you may see some book, film and album recommendations for if the sun gets too much and you must retreat into the sanctum of your lair.

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