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Restyle - Acid Wash Buckled Hoodie

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Black gothic sweatshirt with a tie-dye effect

Black sweatshirt with long pointed sleeves. Fastened with a metal zipper that finishes with a crescent moon. Made of high-quality, 100% thick cotton and artificial leather elements. The sweatshirt has an asymmetrical cut - it reaches the knees in the front and the buttocks in the back. The waist is decorated with a belt with two buckles.

The Belted sweatshirt is a combination of gothic style and the latest fashion trends! The tie-dye effect gives a unique, gradient pattern to the fabric, obtained thanks to intentional irregular dyeing. The fabric is hand-dyed, therefore the sweatshirts may differ slightly from each other. Each of them is special and unique.

Additionally, we like the clothes we design to be multifunctional and comfortable. Thanks to this, you can wear it in different ways. The Belted sweatshirt is two in one! On winter or autumn days, it will be perfect as an additional warm layer under a long coat. In spring or on cool summer evenings, it will be excellent outerwear.

On the sides of the gothic sweatshirt, there are two deep pockets trimmed with artificial leather.
You can warm your hands or put your phone in them.

Composition 100% Cotton

Back Length of Hoodie - 30.7 inches 

Sleeve Length of Hoodie - 25.6 inches

Size Guide Bust

XS - 37.8 inches

S   - 34.4 inches

M -  40.9 inches

L  -  42.5 inches

XL - 44.1 inches

XXL - 45.7 inches

XXXL - 47.2 inches