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Restyle - Phoenix - mesh bodysuit

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Restyle - PHOENIX - Mesh Body

"She entered the room, and every gaze was immediately drawn to her. Her bold ensemble commanded attention, a fearless fusion of patterns that exuded an aura of unapologetic confidence".

The Phoenix Bodysuit is a truly avant-garde and original garment designed for bold girls who want to stand out from the crowd.
The idea to create this kind of garment was to accentuate the beauty and contours of the body.

The unique pattern on this piece has been meticulously crafted and is an original creation by Restyle.
The lines of the design perfectly contour the silhouette, creating a dynamic and captivating look that adds character and uniqueness to any outfit.

The Body Phoenix is made from high-quality, form-fitting mesh that hugs the body, accentuating its assets. This not only makes it incredibly fashionable but also comfortable to wear. The impeccable tailoring and finishing ensure a comfortable fit, while highlighting the wearer's individual style and confidence.

Each pattern on the Body Phoenix is meticulously hand-sewn, adding extra value to the garment. This delicate craftsmanship guarantees high quality and durability. The handmade nature of the piece makes each one unique, making it the perfect choice for individualists who want to express their personality through fashion.

The Phoenix Bodysuits by Restyle seamlessly fits into various fashion styles, allowing you to create diverse outfits.
It can be paired with pants or skirts, creating interesting contrasts and bold stylings. Its versatility enables you to experiment with different looks, always emphasizing your individuality.

The intimate areas of the body are cleverly covered by the intricately designed pattern, ensuring complete discretion. There's no need to worry about transparency in sensitive areas, providing a sense of comfort and confidence while wearing it.

If you're ready for a non-conventional and daring combination of avant-garde, style, and elegance, the Phoenix Bodysuit is the perfect choice for you.

Allow yourself to make a bold and unforgettable statement that will undoubtedly attract attention and inspire others.

Composition: 90% nylon and 10% spandex

Bust Size Length in inches

XS 30"       27"

S 31.5"       27.5"

M 33"        28"

L 34.5"      28.5"

XL 35.5"     29"

XXL 37.5"  30 .5"

3XL 39.5"  31.5"