Restyle - Stained Glass Cathedral Backpack - Gothic Backpack

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We are sure that if Edgar Allan Poe were alive, he would be wearing this backpack! The cathedral-like embellishments are reminiscent of the best horror novels.
Made of velvet and trimmed with artificial leather, the Stained Glass Cathedral backpack is perfect for everyone who likes to stand out with unconventional design.

The lapel is decorated with a laser-cut cathedral pattern, inspired by Gothic architecture. The window rosette is additionally complemented by a metal crescent. This pattern is the essence of Gothic Style!

When you open it, you will feel a cold shiver down your back, as if you were in a mysterious, cool and dark cathedral. You might even hear a raven!

A Gothic-style backpack is a great accessory not only for people fascinated by Gothic and darkness.
While it looks great with black lipstick and fishnet tights, it will be a great accessory for those who like historical or architectural themes.

Wear it with a classic black coat and boots or boots and you'll see how it will spice up your outfit!

30 cm x 24 cm