Anne Stokes - Hell Rider - 3D Lenticular Bi-Fold Faux Leather Wallet


Straight Outta Hell this bikers on a mission to burn rubber and cause chaos . Featuring the artwork of Anne Stokes.

Marvel at the 3D lenticular image on the front that appears to move when you look at if from different angles.

Comes in a sturdy gift / keepsake box making it an ideal gift ready to give

Wallet is made of PU Faux Leather

Features include:

A 35cm / 14 inch Chain for extra security

The bi-fold wallet is held shut bt two stud buttons.

The wallet contains:

2 x Pockets for paper money and notes

1 x Loose change pocket with flap that is held shut by a stud button

3 x Card holder slots

Dimensions of the wallet are:

13 x 10 x 3cm / 5 x 4 x 1 inch

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