Restyle - MIRROR MIRROR - Oversized T-Shirt

Unisex oversized 100% Cotton T-Shirt

Oversized t-shirt, very comfortable and loose fit. 

Perfect if you like comfort and unique design. 

Black, loose Mirror Mirror T-shirt

We made the black shirt in Poland, according to a unique Restyle design.

We suggest choosing your size.
The exact dimensions can be found in the table below

The unisex cut is for both women and men.
You can easily lend the T-shirt to your boyfriend or male friend.


Size Guide Chest (inches)

XS - 38"

S - 41"

M - 42"

L - 44"

XL - 46"

XXL - 49"

XXXL - 52"

Size Guide Chest (centimetres)

XS - 98 cms

S - 104 cms

M - 110 cms

L - 114 cms

XL - 118 cms

XXL - 126 cms

XXXL - 132 cms

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"
And the rebellious Glass showed a skeleton to us!

Do you know our Fortune Teller hand mirror? Supposedly it shows the future. Inspired by our client's story, we decided to present it on an oversized T-shirt. A girl of filigree beauty, with lush black hair, saw in her reflection… a skeleton. Is this her vision of the future? Or maybe it is a friend from the afterlife 
who wants her to remind herself about him?

"Oh Mirror, thank you warmly since thoughts of him don’t stop for me!" The girl exclaimed with relief in her voice.

Strong knit with a dense weave t-shirt will make it stay with you for longer. The print was made using the screen printing method, thanks to which it is clear and durable. Just remember to wash the T-shirt according to the inside label! The loose cut will be comfortable to wear.
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