Nemesis Now - Baphomet Oil Burner


Occult Baphomet Head Oil Burner

Above a patent red base sits a pentagram, forming a plinth in which three Baphomet heads are standing to attention. Pentagrams protrude from their heads while their horns for the perfect base for a small glass oil-burning dish.

Linked to occult traditions, this horned hermaphrodite dates back to the torture and Inquisition of the Knights Templar, almost 1000 years ago. The fearsome baphomet symbolises opposites and balance, and has often been connected to heathen or devilish worship. Bring some gothic history into the halls of your ancestral home with this bewitching oil burner.

Size: 19cm x 21cm x 19cm (W x H x D, approx)

Cast in the finest resin before being painstakingly hand-painted, this piece would make the perfect addition to any Gothic home.

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