Restyle - Castalia - Gothic Backpack


How is this possible? It's easy! With straps placed in the right places - at the very top of the backpack and in the folded parts on the sides. This allows you to attach two adjustable straps and create a backpack.

When you need a purse, all you have to do is undo one strap and clip the other to the two larger links on the top and adjust it accordingly. You can create a handbag, a shoulder bag or one over the body. It all depends on what styling you have and how many things you pack for it. And take our word for it that despite its small size, it can accommodate a lot;)

You can put a briefcase and A4 notebooks in the main pocket. The backpack also holds spare clothes in case you suddenly need to change. In addition, you can keep your phone, keys and other things you keep in a safe place in the back pocket with a zipper.

The gothic character of the backpack and your styling are emphasized by the harness stripes on the flap and the emblem with the Restyle logo.

So tell us, do you prefer a backpack or a bag?

Leather elements - 100% PU
Material elements - 100% polyester

Dimensions: 31 x 26 x 8 cm

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