Restyle - Circe Backpack and Bag in one, logo gothic purse

Are you looking for a Gothic backpack? Or maybe a handbag? Why limit yourself when you can have both?
Choose CIRCE, a small backpack, and bag in one. How is it possible? Check it out!

Gothic suede backpack with elements of eco-leather with a strong texture. The flap is decorated with a Restyle logo.

Equipped with pockets and internal compartments, thanks to which you will organize your things the way you like.
Inside you will find two compartments, including one with a zipper.

The flap is closed with a magnetic clasp on the front. It's finished with a metal ring - you can attach a gothic pendant to it, but you don't have to. Solo looks just as good!

On the side, you will find two additional zippers.
If you need a little more space for your belongings, just unfasten them.

On the back, there is an additional zippered pocket with a handle with the Restyle logo. You can put valuable items in it - your phone, a small wallet, and keys. It’s important to keep these things in a safe place!

The bottom of the backpack is reinforced with four metal mini legs. Thanks to this, you can put it on the ground.

The Gothic backpack has adjustable straps that extend away from the metal D-ring at the top of the flap. When you need to change the backpack into a purse, just unfasten the "harness" and attach a wide strap to it. Done!

The set includes both a wide strap (for bag modification) and a backpack harness.

Leather elements - 100% PU
Material elements - 100% polyester.

Dimensions: 26 x 22 cm / 10.2 x 8.6 inches
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