Restyle - Lucifer Blood Red - Womens T-Shirt


Restyle - LUCIFER BLOOD RED - Womens T-Shirt

Black oversized t-shirt LUCIFER BURGUNDY (unisex)

The print shows goat, the symbol of the devil. It is accompanied by two naked women. All are surrounded by branches, plants, and stars. Over their heads, there is the Lucifer Sigil.

All printing is blood wine red color.

Made in Poland due to Restyle`s unique design.

Made of strong 100% cotton.

This is a unisex oversize t-shirt. Comfortable to wear for men and women.

We suggest choosing the size that you actually wear.

T-shirt made in Poland, from unique Restyle design, of 100% thick cotton.

Oversize t-shirt is very comfortable to wear. Choose your size.

Size Guide inches (measured laying flat across the chest)

XS - 38inch chest

S - 40inch chest

M - 42inch chest

L - 44inch chest

XL - 46inch chest

XXL - 48inch chest

XXXL - 50inch chest

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