Restyle - MAGICAL UNICORN - Purple Cold Shoulder Top

Brand: Restyle


The print on the T-shirt shows an unicorn surrounded by a frame of crystals and twinkling stars.
At the top of the frame is the crescent symbol, and at the bottom is the MAGICAL inscription surrounded by fern leaves and a horse's tail. 

The gothic t-shirt has a tailored cut with cold shoulders.

T-shirt made of 100% cotton and made in Poland according to the original Restyle design.

Size Guide  (measured flat across the chest then tubed)

XS - 34inches / 88cm

S - 36inches / 92cm

M - 38inches / 98cm

L - 40inches / 102cm

XL - 42inches / 108cm

XXL - 46inches / 118cm

XXXL - 48inches / 122cm

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