Spiral - Double Death - Hoody, Black


Spiral - Double Death - Hoody, Black

Goth, Rock, Biker, Tribal, Tattoo, Reaper, Horror, Legend

Material: 100% Cotton

Print: Screen Printed using Skin Friendly durable dyes that will not crack or peel

Size Chest Shoulder Length
M 42" 107cms 21" 53cms 26" 66cms
L 44" 112cms 21" 53cms 27" 68cms
XL 46"117cms 23" 57cms 27" 68cms
XXL 50" 127cms 24" 62cms
28" 72cms

Death comes ripping, his dual blades tearing at the fabric of time as he callously collects the dead like a grim hobbyist, musing at his latest acquisition. The fragile wings of we mortal insects are so easily plucked from our decaying backs.

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