Exit Skin - ZOMBIE HARRY - Movie Make-up Kit class="template-product">

Exit Skin - ZOMBIE HARRY - Movie Make-up Kit

£18.99 £16.95

Which style suits you? Rather the classic zombie "Fred", the tattered "Mike" or the holey "Harry"? Choose from our three different models of forehead parts that give your facial features the grim charm of an undead.

The application is as easy as with all our mask parts: cut, stick on, put on make-up, done. Other items that can be used to enhance the product further include stage make-up and fake blood. These are not included in this kit
Tip: To soften your product, place it in a warm water bath for one minute and stick it to the desired spot after drying with the skin glue.

Notes on the latex parts:

For allergies to natural latex, the product should not be used.
Not suitable for children under 13 years.
Not suitable for consuming.
Not suitable for permanent use.
No cosmetic product.
For hygienic reasons the product EXIT-SKIN is excluded from exchange and return.