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Wild Star Hearts

Exit Wound - CHELSEA GRIN - Horror Make-up wound

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Ouch, that hurt! Whether in the zombie apocalypse or in the larp, ​​injuries occur before and often one would like to brag about in various occasions with its scars. Here we offer you the possibility to do so. With a whole assortment of different cuts you can simulate realistic injuries or with our wound set a cycle from the incision to the scar. 

The application is as simple as with all our masks: cut, glue, make-up, ready. 

Tip: To soften your product, put it in a warm water bath for one minute and stick it to the desired place after drying with the skin adhesive.

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Notes on latex parts:

  • The product should not be used for allergies to natural latex.
  • Not suitable for children under 13 years.
  • Not suitable for consuming.
  • Not suitable for permanent use.
  • No cosmetic product.
  • Made in Germany and conforms to EU Safety Regulations 
  • Theatrical face paint not included

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