Gothic Games - YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE - Card Game.

This game features the World's scariest nightmares....and the chance to face your fears. 
Players deal four fear cards and rank them on their scare cards, from blood-curdling to no big deal! but the real challenge is to figure out how your fellow players will rank them. 
Who's scared of failure? germs? her Boss? after each round, players discuss why they're scared, which is the first step to overcoming your fears. 
So, don't be scared-it's frighteningly fun. 
Contents: 300 fear cards, 4 scare cards, 4 wipe-off pens, complete instructions.

- First-ever card game that'll make you want to face your fears.
- Game features 300 Fear Cards, ranging from horrifying to hilarious.
- Inspires hours of conversation as players share what really scares them and why.
- For ages 12 and Up.
- For 2-4 Players