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Nemesis Now - VESSEL OF THE DEEP - Stainless Steel Insert Gothic Goblet


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Vessel of the Deep Steampunk Octopus Squid Wine Goblet

This product is for ornamental use.

Rising up from the deep, the stalk of the Goblet is a writhing colossal squid, tentacles twisting below them. The body of the Goblet is a bronze bathysphere, portholes peering from the sides as the tentacles of the leviathan endeavour to engulf it.

Cast in the finest resin before being given a bronze finish and carefully hand-painted, this vessel comes with a removable stainless steel insert for ease of cleaning.

Care instructions
• To wash the drinking vessel, remove the stainless steel inner from the vessel.
• Only wash the stainless steel inner.
• The outer drinking vessel should only be cleaned using a damp cloth.
• Whilst it can be used as drinkware, it is recommended  the product is for ornamental use only.

Size: 18.5cm x 8.5cm (holds approx. 250ml of your chosen poison)

Please note - This product cannot be ordered Express and has a handling time of 3-4 days