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Nightmare Before Christmas - JACK FACES - Skater Dress

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Nightmare Before Christmas 'JACK FACES' Summer/Skater/ Party/Club Mini Dress

Item Specifics: This Dress is exclusive to us and will not be available from anyone other than Wild Star Clothing.

Material Info: Made from Cotton & Spandex and therefore stretchy, hugging yet comfortable to wear.

Exact Dress Dimensions as follows

(length measurements taken from shoulder down)

Dress Size M 10-12 (chest 31"/79cms) (length 34"/87cms) (hip 40"/102")

Dress Size L 12-14 (chest 34"/ 87cms) (length 38"/97cms) (hip 44"/112cms)

Dress Size XL 14-16 (chest 36"/91cms) (length 40"/102cms) (hip 46"/117cms)