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Restyle - Chill Skeleton - Unisex T-Shirt



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Restyle - CHILL SKELETON - Womens T-Shirt

Black Oversized UNISEX t-shirt with the chill skeleton. 

The print shows the human skeleton sitting in the lotus position. It has three pairs of arms, and each hand gesture is showing up Gyan mudra, the one that improves concentration and memory.

Over the skeleton head, there is the all-seeing eye, which may be the "evil eye" symbolized the ancient Egyptian God Osiris, who was the god of the underworld, and the prince of the dead ones.

Skeleton is surrounded by lotus flowers, the symbol of Osiris rebirth.

The whole skeleton posture is closed in moon phases ornament.

The T-shirt is made in Poland from unique Restyle`s Design, of 100% thick cotton.

The T-shirt is oversized, we recommend choosing your own size.

Unisex shape perfect for both men, and women.

Size Guide inches (measured laying flat across the chest)

XS - 38inch chest

S - 40inch chest

M - 42inch chest

L - 44inch chest

XL - 46inch chest

XXL - 48inch chest

XXXL - 50inch chest