Restyle - HARNESS LEGGINGS - Womens Leggings - Black



Harness Leggings 

Made of stretchy, very thick cotton, perfectly fitted to the body (92% cotton, 8% spandex). 
On the thighs there is a strong mesh part with o-rings and faux leather straps pattern.

Leggings with high waist with elastic for better comfort and fit.
If you have legs with big muscles, we recommend select one size bigger than you would usually wear.

                    Length                 Waist               Widest Leg                  Smallest Leg
                                                                        Circumference             Circumference
Small           95cm/                  62cm                   44cm/                              21cm/                 
                    37.5 inches          24.5 inches          17 inches                         8 inches
Medium      95cm/                   64cm/                  46cm/                              22cm/
                   37.5 inches           25 inches             18 inches                          8.5 inches
Large         95cm/                    66cm/                 48cm/                              23cm/           
                  37.5 inches            26 inches            19 inches                         9 inches 
X-Large     95cm/                    70cm/                  51cm/                              24cm/
                  37.5 inches            27.5 inches          20 inches                         9.5 inches
XX-Large   95cm/                   74cm/                  54cm/                              26cm/
                  37.5 inches           29 inches             21 inches                         10 inches