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Medusa silver gothic necklace

Chain: 40 cm

An antique silver-coloured necklace with an adjustable chain.
The main element presents a head of the mythical Medusa, the immortal woman of extraordinary beauty.
Her advantage was the lush hair with which she charmed Poseidon. Athena did not like this, and in anger she turned Medusa into a monster. She transformed her lush hair into snakes and everyone who looked at her face turned to stone. Athena deprived Medusa of immortality, which brought her to the world of living people.

Our necklace has no magical powers, it will not turn anyone into stone.
However, we are sure that it will charm anyone who looks at it with its brilliance.
Medusa's head part is attached on both sides on wide chains in the shape of snakes. 

Necklace made of metal - zinc alloy, which is safe for the skin.

Restyle necklace meets EU standards.