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Restyle - Snake Bracelet - Antique Gold



Gothic Snake Bracelet - Gold

The front of the bracelet is a mix of amazing unique elements that together creates a beautiful bracelet.

Fits Wrist Circumference - 6 inches / 16cms

In the centre, there is small black cut glass in oval shape surrounded by floral ornaments and snakes. Snakes are decorated with smaller oval stones. On the top bracelet is decorated with a detailed crescent moon symbol and pentagram symbol on the bottom. We have put small round stones around the pentagram.

Between all elements, we have designed a lot of floral motives, crescent moons, and other amazing small details.

Back of bracelet are two snakes turned against each other closed in floral ornamented openwork, unique details, and two crescent moons.

Bracelet is opened by a spring. It's really easy to use.

It is manufactured of zinc alloy.

Bracelet is safe for your skin, made due to European Union standards.

We have the same bracelet in a silver colour.