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Restyle - Third Eye Hoodie - women's oversize hood top



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Item Spec:
Printing is on the both sleeves and hood itself, presentes mostly spiritual symbols.
The third eye printing is perfectly located on the hood.
Once you put hood over your head the third eye printing will be exactly on your forehead between eyebrows,
just the place it should be. 
Open third eye, or sixth chakra means the spirituality of person, 
developed intuion and open door of perception to other dimension and astral world. 
The ankh cross is egiptian cross of life. Its rounded upper part is believe to symbolize feminine element of world and nature. 

Ankh is believed to be used to restore the energy balance in life.Also the rose and moon are mainly feminine symbols. Rose represents beauty, love and subtle nature.

Moon represents regularity of women cycle,  and forces of nature, it was used to measure time in ancient times.

All those symbols sticked together accents the strong spritiual feminine nature.

This hoodie is perfect for strong, independent and soulful women.

Size Guide in inches (chest measurement taken laying flat no stretch):

X - Small - 39inches

Small - 41inches

Medium - 42inches

Large - 43inches

X-Large - 46inches

XX-Large - 48inches

XXX-Large - 52inches

Size Guide in centimeters (chest measurement taken laying flat no stretch):

X - Small - 100cm

Small - 104cm

Medium - 107cm

Large - 110cm

X-Large - 117cm

XX-Large - 122cm

XXX-Large - 133cm