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Wild Star - TRIBAL BIO-HAZARD - Snood


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Lightweight facemask easily folds up and fits in your pocket. Unlike other masks, these are not big and bulky. Safer than a scarf and much harder to lose.

Worn either around the neck as a snug scarf, or pulled up over the face, nose and ears as a mask. Great on particularly chilly days and in very cold weather conditions.

Soft, warm and comfortable to wear. Machine washable so therefore very hygienic. 

A great item for many outdoor activities: Motorcycling, BMX, Skiing, Paintballing to name but a few.


Can be worn in multiple ways: Neck tube, Headband, Hat, Bandana, Snood.

Made from soft breathable Microfibre Polyester which allows air to circulate over the skin.

All of our neck tubes are finished with the 'SILVERPLUS' active silver ion protection coating. This ensures hygiene and freshness, moisture management and protects against the spreading of bacteria and germs

Available in many designs