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Nemesis Now - Zeus - Bronze Figurine

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A lovely detailed figure of Zeus from the Veronese Design range by Nemesis Now; Zeus is known as the God of the sky, lightning and thunder.

The legends say that Zeus was secretly born to Rhea, away from his father Cronus, who would have consumed Zeus as he had done to his other siblings; Zeus once grown overthrew his father and went on to rule as a chief of all gods, and sired many children such as Athena, Apollo, Perseus and Heracles.

This figure portrays Zeus in a very iconic pose with his thunderbolt weapon held high in his left hand, ready to smite his target. Zeus stands upon volcanic rock and carries his symbol of an eagle on his right shoulder, the eagle also appears as a buckle on his belt.

Perfect for the Altar or home, made of cold cast bronze resin with a hint of colour which really brings the figurine to life.

Measures - 30cm