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Restyle - Moonlight Witches - T-Shirt

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Restyle - MOONLIGHT WITCHES - Unisex T-Shirt

Embrace the spirit of the past with our classic oversize t-shirt. Crafted from 100% cotton, this heavily oversized piece can also double as a tunic.

Our original print depicts three witches illuminated by the moonlight, gathered around a bonfire during a forest Sabbat.

This is a tribute to times when women were unjustly persecuted, and the history of their struggle was written in flames.
Witches, once stigmatized and burned at the stake, were challengers of convention who boldly paved their own path.

This t-shirt is more than just clothing; it's a manifestation of the strength and determination of women who dared to raise their voices in times of darkness, and whose spirit lives on in our society today.

We recommend selecting the size you currently wear. You can find precise t-shirt measurements in the table just above the "Add to Cart" button.

Gothic t-shirt crafted according to Restyle's unique design.

Wash according to the instructions on the inner label!

Made 100% of strong cotton. 
Size Guide inches (measured laying flat across the chest)

S - 40inch chest

M - 42inch chest

L - 44inch chest

XL - 46inch chest

XXL - 48inch chest

XXXL - 50inch chest

Size Guide centimetres  (measured laying flat across the chest)

S - 102 cm

M - 107 cm

L - 112 cm

XL - 117 cm

XXL - 122cm 

XXXL - 127 cm