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Restyle - Moths Contour mesh bodysuit

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Are you drawn to the dark like a moth to the light?

Moths usually fly towards the moon or the stars  -  an almost unattainable goal.

Your goal  -  the more gothic the better  -  is achievable. We will say more  -  we have something that will far exceed your expectations!

In the package you will get a mysterious darkness, artistic claw, originality, extravagance, style, comfort, beauty, sex appeal ... We could list endlessly.

Introducing the MOTHS CONTOUR long sleeve gothic bodysuit made of mesh. The material is stretchy and velvety to the touch.

The pattern features various gothic moths and moths. The bows on the sides additionally optically slim the waist, and the largest moth has been printed in such a way as to emphasize the bust.

The print was made using the flocking method, thanks to which it has a deep, black color and is very durable.

The turtleneck freely goes over the head and comfortably surrounds the neck. The body is fastened only at the bottom with two snaps.

See for yourself and experience the feeling of a second skin ... on your own skin. Because this is how the teddy behaves  -  it adheres smoothly to the body and cooperates with your every move, slimming the silhouette. And most importantly, it does not irritate with slipping out of pants or skirt, looking perfect all day and all night. With an emphasis on the night, after all, it is the favorite time of every moth and every Gothic lover :)

Together with the Clockwork Moth, our silver hairpin, it will create a truly unique set!

Composition: 90% nylon and 10% spandex