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Restyle - NOX - Women's Cold Shoulder Top

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Oversized top with cold shoulders.

This individual design accents the unique printing.

Black t-shirt perfect for modern witch. 

The first to emerge from Chaos and the last to remain in the world before its end - the goddess Nox (Nyx)! Living in the deep depths of Tartarus where even Hades couldn’t reach. A woman with black, long hair, and an athletic build. With her dark curls, she gave people respite and rest in the form of a dark night. Thanks to her some beings got the chance to reveal themselves because she was able to "turn off" the daylight for a moment.

Our Nox on cold shoulder shirts is a gothic version, modern but still with magical powers. She changed her wings for a quick broom to meet the expectations of today's world. As befits a goddess, she dressed in a crescent gown and put on evening makeup.

The gothic T-shirt will adapt to the shape of your figure and will be comfortable to wear. Exposed shoulders will give you an edgy look. The soft and comfortable fabric will make the T-shirt feel like a second skin.


Size Guide  (measured flat across the chest then tubed)

XS - 32inches / 81cm

S - 34 inches / 86cm

M - 36 inches / 91cm

L - 38 inches / 96cm

XL - 40 inches / 101cm

XXL - 42 inches / 106cm

XXXL - 44 inches / 111cm