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Restyle - Rosarium - bodysuit

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The Rosarium Bodysuit from Restyle is a true ode to Gothic elegance and mysticism.
This Gothic bodysuit is made from stretchy mesh, densely adorned with a velvety, original pattern depicting a beautiful cathedral rosette. It's not just clothing, it's a work of art on your body.

The pattern on this bodysuit has been applied with extreme precision using the flocking method. The velvety finish in deep black is truly magical. The contrast between the intense pattern and the delicate mesh creates a stunning impression.

The sleeves, expanded and full of finesse, are worthy of Gothic beauty, and each movement seems like a dance among the shadows of ancient cathedral arches.

Front and center is the rose window, the focal point of this mystical garment, captivating attention as if it were the source of all secrets.

This bodysuit features a three-step adjustment using hooks in the bottom, ensuring a perfect fit. At the back, entirely covered in velvet and fastened with a zipper, it makes putting on and taking off this unique attire a breeze.

Someone who chooses the Rosarium Bodysuit is someone exceptionally fascinated by mystery and beauty. They are like a character from Gothic literature, wandering through abandoned cathedrals, listening to the whispers of the past, and full of unique magic. They are someone unafraid of being exceptional and standing out from the crowd, just like this extraordinary bodysuit.

In the Rosarium Bodysuit, you'll not only discover your mystical side but also feel like the heroine of a tale from ancient times, where every detail held significance, and mystery lurked around every corridor corner. This clothing tells a story and makes you a part of it.

Material 90% Nylon 10% Elastane / Polyester Velvet
Bust Size Length in inches  /  Bust                 Length in  cms

S 30"                25"             /  76cm               64cm

M 32"               27"            /  81cm                69cm

L 34"                28"            /  87cm                 74cm

XL 36"              30"           /  92cm                  79cm

XXL 38"            30"          /   97cm                  79cm

3XL 40"            30"         /  102cm                  79cm