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Restyle - ROSARIUM LASER CUT HAT - Wide Brim Hat

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Rosarium Laser Cut Wide Brim Hat.

Made of 100% wool, entirely firmed so it keeps the shape perfectly.

Rosarium Laser Cut Hat is an extraordinary, woolen hat offered by that will enchant every lover of cathedral motifs.

The main feature characterizing this gothic hat is its large, ornamented brim. This unique finish has been precisely laser-cut, adorning it with an intricate pattern of a gothic rosette. Its main element pays homage to the beauty and complexity of cathedral structures.

The hat is equipped with a discreet inner adjustment, allowing it to be customized according to the user's individual preferences. This ensures a perfect fit, guaranteeing comfort and stability while wearing.

Strong contrasts between the textures of wool and faux leather emphasize the spiritual and artistic nature of the hat.

The combination of soft, woolen fabric in a classic, matte finish, along with the striking laser-cut pattern in faux leather, creates an exciting ensemble that captures attention and adds character to any outfit.

Rosarium Laser Cut Hat is not just a fashionable accessory, but also an expression of an artistic approach to fashion. It works wonderfully as a statement piece for special occasions, or themed events, or as an inspiring element for daily outfits, catering to those who appreciate uniqueness and originality.

Wearing the Rosarium Laser Cut Hat can be like a symbolic journey to the mystical interior of a cathedral, where the breath of history intertwines with a modern approach to fashion. It is a hat for those who value the depth of the past, and the beauty of art, and who want to express their passion for architecture and cathedral motifs through fashion.

One size fits all:
Circumference: adjustable with a drawstring
brim: 10 cm.