Consent Preferences Wild Star Hearts - Howling Wolf - Beach Towel

Wild Star Hearts - Howling Wolf - Beach Towel

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Wild Star Hearts Beach Towel

Howling Wolf

Artwork by Sarah Richter

Oblong towel 60” x 29” approx – weight 280g approx.

Our beach towels are hand crafted here in the U.K. using 170gsm Microfibre towelling, which is lighter and more absorbent than cotton towels.

This Microfibre towel will absorb water faster than conventional beach towels and air dries quickly. Microfibre is also very light and will need much less room in your holiday case….So everyone in the family can have their own!

Microfibre Qualities:

Super absorbent.

Extremely light.

Fast air drying.

Wash up to 30 degrees.

Air dry only.

Microfibre has a looped pile surface & is directional, if brushed in the opposite direction small flecks of the white surface will peek through, this is minimal at best and expected of knitted towelling textiles

Handmade in the U.K.Plain white on the reverse.