Restyle - Burn The Witch - Women's Cold Shoulder Top


Womans cold shoulder t-shirt with cuts on shoulders.

The print presents a beautiful witch wearing a mini skirt and MOON CHILD HAT.
The witch has been sentenced by some patriarchial ignorants to death by burning, but she seems not to be bothered. Accepting her faith, or maybe just waiting for some help she is smoking cigarettes.

Crescent moon and tree branches close this story in frames.

T-shirt made of 100% thick cotton.

It is perfect to stand out from the crowd and make new friends.

Size Guide (measured flat across the chest then tubed)

XS - 34inches / 88cm

S - 36inches / 92cm

M - 38inches / 98cm

L - 40inches / 102cm

XL - 42inches / 108cm

XXL - 46inches / 118cm

XXXL - 48inches / 122cm

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