Restyle - CRESCENT MOON - Black Velvet Turtle Neck Top


CRESCENT MOON - Black Velvet Turtle Neck Top

 Made in Poland from stretchy, soft velvet.

Well-fitted classic design with two buttons on the back.

There are moon phases cut outs made of mesh.

This classic gothic t-shirt will certainly suit rest of your wardrobe.

Material: Cotton Polyester Mix

Size Guide (chest in inches)

XS - 29 inches

S - 31 inches

M - 33 inches

L - 35 inches

XL - 38 inches

XXL -  42 inches

XXXL - 44 inches

Size Guide (chest in inches in centimetres)

XS - 74cms

S - 80cms

M - 84cms

L - 90cms

XL - 96cms

XXL -  108cms

XXXL - 112cms

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