Restyle - DARK ELF HORNS - Gothic Headpiece, Black Headband, Satan Horns

Black, gothic headband with goat horns and elven ears "DARK ELF".

Our headbands are HIT! You all love them as much as we do. That's why we have something special for you. Headband with goat horns and... elven ears. Isn't it a wonderful and magical combination?

Black gothic headband with goat horns and elven ears attached on both sides. The horns are entirely decorated with an embossed baroque moon pattern. The elven ears have beautiful, gothic ornaments. The construction of the horns is made of solid plastic, empty inside. They are attached to the headband with screws. Inside, it's protected 
with a soft fabric so that the connection doesn't get caught in your hair.

Perfect for Cosplay, D&D, Halloween costumes, role play, and more!

Universal size.
The headband adapts to the shape of the head.
Made according to unique Restyle matrices

The horns length: 25 cm

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