Restyle - KISS OF DEATH - T-Shirt

Unisex oversized 100% Cotton T-Shirt

Oversized t-shirt, very comfortable and loose fit. 

Perfect if you like comfort and unique design. 

Black, loose Kiss of Death T-shirt

We made the black shirt in Poland, according to a unique Restyle design.

We suggest choosing your size.
The exact dimensions can be found in the table below

The unisex cut is for both women and men.
You can easily lend the T-shirt to your boyfriend or male friend.


Size Guide Chest (inches)

XS - 38"

S - 41"

M - 42"

L - 44"

XL - 46"

XXL - 49"

XXXL - 52"

Size Guide Chest (centimetres)

XS - 98 cms

S - 104 cms

M - 110 cms

L - 114 cms

XL - 118 cms

XXL - 126 cms

XXXL - 132 cms


Imagine that you and your friends are walking in a meadow. You have a great time, you laugh out loud and you pick flowers - narcissi. Suddenly, the earth shakes and cracks, and in front of you appears handsome… Hades. He rides a golden chariot, grabs you by the hand, and kidnaps you to his kingdom. Now you are the goddess of darkness and no one can resist you!

Don't worry, this is just a story of the heroine from the T-shirt, inspired by the Persephone myth. If you put on our oversized T-shirt and go to the meadow, we guarantee that you won’t be kidnapped by any prince of darkness. Well, unless you want, it's your choice! ;) But you can be sure that you will feel comfortable in the T-shirt. Strong knitwear will withstand every walk.
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