Restyle - La Mort - Women's Cold Shoulder T-Shirt


Black gothic cold shoulder t-shirt with death tarot card. 

T-shirt made 100% of cotton.

Printing shows the death card from tarot deck.

This card doesn`t mean death as it seems. 
It means the change, transformation, something will be changed or already has started to change.

Due to tarot meaning this change is inevitable, just like the death itself. 

It may perfectly represent your current life.  

Size Guide  (measured flat across the chest then tubed)

XS - 34inches / 88cm

S - 36inches / 92cm

M - 38inches / 98cm

L - 40inches / 102cm

XL - 42inches / 108cm

XXL - 46inches / 118cm

XXXL - 48inches / 122cm


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