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Scream Along With Suzi - Art of Rick Melton

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Scream Along With Suzi - Erotic Art of Rick Melton

Book Size: 297 - 210 Portrait / Soft Cover

Pages: 216 - excluding front cover

Hi guys, Suzi here! Despite not being considered the brightest crab in the bush, I think I’ve done pretty flipping well for myself since my lowly start as The Dark Side Towers tea girl. Not only do my magazines sell out faster magazines, but I’ve also made a huge squirt in the adult film industry and now I’m about to treat you to my smuttiest, scariest and funniest horror art book yet! Yep, a quick dive between my glistening flaps will see you enjoying Uncle Rick’s sexiest oil paintings, really flipping naughty Fuzz Bucket movie reviews, my hilarious Suzi Gets A Gobful letters pages and way, way, more. A word of warning though, this is the revised, extended edition so you might be feeling pretty whacked out by the finish!

 About The Author

Rick Melton is probably best known for his Arrow Video artwork and
for painting an amazing 120 Dark Side magazine covers on the trot.
Sadly, Arrow Video eventually found someone good, but Rick kept
his Dark Side gig because everyone else wanted paying. Happy to
troll for jobs in the sort of murky waters that no self respecting
illustrator would be seen bobbing about dead in, Rick’s 400
magazine, book and blu ray covers certainly add credence to his
website motto ‘No Job Too Demeaning!’
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