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Fantasmogoria - RESIDENT EVIL - Hooded Sweater Coat

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RESIDENT EVIL - Hooded Sweater Coat
BRAND: Fantasmogoria
COLOR: Black
FABRIC: 50% Cotton 50% Polyester
MATERIAL: synthetic leather
FABRIC PROPERTIES: knitted, soft, thick, slightly stretchy
Cold or max.25C machine wash inside out in mesh wash-bag. Do not tumble dry
FASHION STYLE: Gothic, Post Apocalyptic, Metal & Rock, Nu-Goth

Gothic Industrial Punk style long jacket with a hood. Knitted fabric is similar to the thick cotton hoodies.

Asymmetiric synthetic leather decorations, decorative lacing, Dragon claw pendant on a zipper, large hood, diagonal hem. There is a special hole in the inner side of the sleeve for the thumb.

This light coat can be worn as a hoody sweater and it is suitable for cold summer nights, warm spring and early autumn.

BUST 80-86 cm 84-90 cm 88-94 cm 92-98 cm 96-102 cm 100-106 cm
WAIST 60-68 cm 66-74 cm 72-80 cm 78-86 cm 84-92 cm 90-96 cm
GARMENT LENGTH 108 cm 109 cm 110 cm 111 cm 112 cm 113 cm
MAX. ARM SIZE 28 cm 29 cm 30 cm 32 cm 33 cm 34 cm
SHOULDERS 34-39 cm 38-41 37-42 38-43 39-44 cm 40-45 cm
BUST 104-110 cm 108-114 cm
WAIST 94-100 cm 98-104 cm
GARMENT LENGTH 114 cm 115 cm
MAX. ARM SIZE 35 cm 36 cm
SHOULDERS 41-46 cm 42-47 cm

Sizes are in centimetres. 

If your size is between S and M- we recommend to choose Medium; if it is between M and L - please choose L, etc.
Check the sizing table and choose according to your body sizes. If you plan to wear this garment over the warmer clothing or jacket, and prefer loose fit - consider ordering one size bigger.