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Restyle - Autumnal Equinox - Wide Brim Witchy Hat

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Did you know that the wide brim of the Autumnal Equinox Hat exudes creativity and joy? Put on our wool fedora hat and let the mesmerizing embroidery cast a magical aura wherever you go <3


⋆ Large, stiff brim, perfect for a modern witch!
⋆ Stunning, original Restyle embroidery featuring Luna Moths, enchanted fungi, forest plants, and twinkling stars
⋆ Made of high-quality black wool, both durable and pleasant to the touch
⋆ One-size-fits-all: adjustable cord inside ensures a comfortable fit for any head
⋆ This botanically embroidered hat invites positive energy and whimsical charm into your life!


Circumference: Adjustable with the cord
Brim: 10 cm