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Restyle - Cathedral Dragonfly Mesh & Velvet Body

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You have to admit that there’s nothing more irritating than a T-shirt or a blouse coming out of pants or a skirt... A bodysuit will make you forget this problem!

The gothic CATHEDRAL DRAGONFLY bodysuit has been designed so as not to restrict your movement and always conform to your body, creating a pleasant second-skin feeling. It's all thanks to the elastic material and firm press studs at the bottom.

The bodysuit made of black mesh will perfectly slim your waist and emphasize your bust. At the back of the bodysuit there is an insert made of black, soft velvet, so it will aditionally expose your back.

 The print of the long-sleeved gothic bodysuit is an artistic mix of inspirations from architecture and nature. It presents a sophisticated drawing reminiscent of a Gothic cathedral with stained glass windows, vaults and arches, topped with a crescent moon. The star of the show are the intricate dragonfly wings. The pattern really delights and evokes the impression of a mysterious, dark solemnity. It was made with the flocking method, thanks to which the black color is really deep and rich, and the print is very durable.

Create the best outfit with our Cathedral collection if you want to emphasize the architectural side of the bodysuit, or with the Herbal collection to accentuate its natural elements :)

Composition: 90% nylon and 10% spandex