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Restyle - Cathedral Snake - Bodysuit - Velvet body with elongated sleeves

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Cathedral Snake Bodysuit from Striking Elegance and Symbolism

The new bodysuit from Restyle is a true masterpiece that combines unique materials and symbolic depth, creating an unparalleled effect.

Crafted from a blend of velvet and mesh featuring the motif of two intertwined snakes. What's more, these snakes are filled with cathedral motifs, adding depth and mystique to the garment. The blouse's cut is perfectly tailored to the body shape, ensuring an ideal fit.

The sleeve design has been elongated into a point and finished with elastic cuffs, lending them an air of elegance and subtlety. The crotch closure is a three-step, hook-and-eye fastening, allowing for customization to individual preferences, ensuring comfort during wear.

Cathedral Snake Bodysuit is intended for bold and confident individuals who love to experiment with fashion and express themselves through their clothing. It is the perfect choice for those who appreciate not only aesthetics but also the symbolism in fashion. The snakes and cathedral motifs give this bodysuit a unique character and enable the wearer to accentuate their mysterious side.

Bust Size Length in inches  / cms          Body Length inches /  cms       Waist inches / cms

S 30"                25"      /  76cm               27"    /   69cm                            26"  /  63cm

M 32"               27"      /  80cm               28"   /    70cm                            27"  /  71cm

L 34"                28"       /  84cm               29"   /    71cm                            30"  /  75cm

XL 36"              30"       /  88cm               30"   /    72cm                            31"  /   79cm

XXL 38"            30"       /   92cm              31"   /   73cm                             33"  /  83cm

3XL 40"            30"       /  96cm                 32"   /   74cm                           34"  /  87cm