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Restyle - Cathedralis Bodysuit - Cathedral pattern on the back

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Immerse yourself in distant times and feel like the reincarnation of a mysterious medieval princess.
Dive deep into the mystical beauty of cathedral motifs, enveloping yourself in our new Cathedralis bodysuit.
Experience how their spiritual depth intertwines with your personality, crafting a harmonious tale through every detail of this unique garment.

Crafted from soft velvet, the bodysuit features a triangular neckline adorned with intricately embellished lace trim. Sleeves are adorned with inserted mesh fabric, depicting cathedral motifs and moons in an elegant flocking pattern. The bottom is adjustable with three rows of hooks.

The cathedral motif extends along the entire length of the back, adding an aura of mystery to the wearer.

The contrast between the deep black velvet and delicate cathedral-patterned mesh creates a captivating interplay of textures. Even when opting for an all-black look, the diversity of textures and patterns will make each garment element a distinct accent in itself.

Material 96% Polyester 4% Spandex

Bust Size Length in inches  /  Bust                 Length in  cms

S 30"                25"             /  76cm               64cm

M 32"               27"            /  81cm                69cm

L 34"                28"            /  87cm                 74cm

XL 36"              30"           /  92cm                  79cm

XXL 38"            30"          /   97cm                  79cm

3XL 40"            30"         /  102cm                  79cm