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Restyle - Cathedralis - Socks - Gothic Fashion Accessory

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Restyle - Cathedralis Socks - Gothic Fashion Accessories

Available in two sizes: Small, Medium

Color: Black / Grey

Material: Composition: 80% cotton, 17% nylon, 3% spandex

Imagine strolling along the banks of the Seine, the silhouette of Notre Dame rising against the twilight sky. You’re exploring the mysteries of the dark and twisted alleys of Paris once walked by the godfather of the Goths, Charles Baudelaire, writing his "Le Fleurs du Mal". Immerse yourself in the haunting beauty of the Gothic world, where beauty intertwines with darkness, and every step echoes with the whispers of mystery...

You don't have to go to France to experience the maestry of sophisticated gothic architecture. All you have to do is put on our gothic suit socks with an original cathedral pattern knitted using the jacquard technique. With every step, the drawing of a rose window, stained glass, crosses and towering spires on your socks mirrors the breathtaking architecture. The deep black contrasts with the mesmerizing white pattern, and the inverted portrayal of the cathedral lends an air of surrealism and magic, inviting you to explore the depths of the Gothic realm.

Whether you wear them to an airy black dress or a tailor-made suit, our jacquard socks are surely going to make an impression, adding an elegant chic and a touch of edginess to any outfit.