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Restyle - Gothic Chapel - Wide Brim Witchy Hat

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Within the realm of Gothic architecture, chapels stand as epitomes of spiritual devotion and architectural innovation. These sacred spaces were crafted to inspire awe and reverence through their soaring architecture and intricate detailing.

Our Gothic Chapel Hat draws inspiration from the profound philosophy embodied by Gothic chapels. It seeks to capture the essence of Gothic grandeur in wearable form.


⋆ Wide, ornamented brim is adorned with a grey cathedral print underneath
⋆ Adjustable fit with discrete internal cord guarantees comfort and stability
⋆ Crafted from soft, warm wool renowned for its durability
⋆ Classic black hat with a matte finish offers a timeless and versatile aesthetic
⋆ Perfect for lovers of the mystical and the mysterious!


If you seek to channel your admiration for architectural and cathedral motifs through fashion, this gothic fedora hat is designed for you. We crafted it for individuals who appreciate the richness of history and the elegance of art.


Circumference: Adjustable with the cord
Brim: 10 cm