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Restyle - Las Furias - Women's Cold Shoulder Top

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Oversized top with cold shoulders.

This individual design accents the unique printing.

Women's cold shoulder t-shirt with succubi

Do you know who a succubus is? It’s a demon in the form of a beautiful long-haired woman. She charms with her physical magnetism. Seduces men and not only men, since artists are tempted too. We were seduced as well and that’s why we dedicate this t-shirt to them.

Succubi from the Restyle t-shirt are demonesses with long, thick black hair. They have bat wings, thanks to which they move quickly and silently. Succubi constantly tempt with the charm of their lush shapes. They are dressed only in the embrace of a serpent, which, like jewelry, enlaces the naked, carnal shell.

We sew the gothic t-shirt with demons from a strong knit with a dense weave, thanks to which it will stay in your wardrobe for longer. The print is silk-screened so that it is resistant to moisture, mechanical damage, and washing. Just remember - wash according to the inside label! The cold shoulder cut will add an edgy character to your outfit. The T-shirt adheres to the body, but it is not tight, so you will feel comfortable in it.

Composition: 100% cotton

Size Guide  (measured flat across the chest then tubed)

XS - 34inches / 88cm

S - 36inches / 92cm

M - 38inches / 98cm

L - 40inches / 102cm

XL - 42inches / 108cm

XXL - 46inches / 118cm

XXXL - 48inches / 122cm